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on 10 th June 2007• Have your financial affairs become more complicated?
• Do you require tax return preparation services?
• Are you starting a business or consulting practice?
• Do you need to get a handle on financial planning?
• Have you become the executor-trustee of an estate?
• Are you a fund manager with tax reporting obligations?
• Are you a non-resident individual or corporation?
• Do you have international tax issues?
• Or…do you simply have a question you can’t get answered?

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CommitmentWe are committed to giving business advice forged from experience but uncolored by self interest and to challenging accepted wisdoms, bringing a fresh perspective to our clients' business issues and helping them achieve their goals.


StrategyWe maintain year-round contact with our clients to stay informed about developments within their business and industry and identify opportunities to add value. Our purpose is to ensure that financial and tax planning is incorporated into the ongoing development and implementation of strategies to achieve the goals and objectives of our clients.